Transatlantic Innovation Week 2023 – Chapter 3.5: Müzeyyen Carrasco-Demir, CEO ComSIT




In collaboration with the U.S. Department of State and various partners in research, geopolitics, software development, and component procurement, our experienced speakers highlighted past and current developments to gain a better understanding of the impact of chip-based high technology on the cultural, political and economic situation of open democracies. This was followed by approaches to solutions aimed at making supply chains more independent, reducing costs, saving CO2 emissions, energy and raw materials and, above all, operating more sustainably. The speakers are all absolute experts in their field and offer insights into a world that is unique and extremely valuable, especially against the backdrop of hybrid conflicts.


Müzeyyen Carrasco Demir is an entrepreneur and one of the few managers with such deep insight into the electronics industry supply chain. Well networked with top decision makers worldwide and with more than 28 years of experience, she and her partners have built one of Europe’s largest specialists for procurement, recycling and remarketing of electronic components, especially microprocessors.

Topic: ComSIT

In her presentation, the experienced manager, who operates in a still male-dominated sector, addresses the specifics of component procurement in an increasingly complex world of electrical engineering. In this context, she points out possibilities and ways how capacities can be used more efficiently. Associated is the goal of becoming more independent in order to be able to maintain production in critical situations. The range of effects of sustainable management helps to reduce costs, safeguard production and save raw materials, something that should be part of a corporate policy geared to sustainability and environmental protection. In connection with localization, procurement and recycling, efficient software tools and customer- and supplier-optimized service offerings play a central role, which Müzeyyen Carrasco will discuss in detail.

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