With more than 30 years of experience in the world’s most important markets, our expertise is the foundation of our knowledge and, at the same time, our unique selling point. Moreover, the depth of knowledge among our managers from diverse backgrounds emphasizes the breadth of our competencies, enabling us to make your business faster, more efficient and more sustainable. In keeping the spirit of our “philosophy of sustainability”, we build a team working with you to cut costs, maintain production, optimize processes and deliver the quality you have come to expect.

We continue to place a high value on personal contact, regardless of the virtual encounters that have become commonplace.

You can benefit from our cumulative experience. We have satisfied customers from all areas of industry. We pay special attention to the OEMs around the world with a focus on automotive, industrial manufacturing, telecommunications, aerospace, medical care and consumer electronics.

A component is declared End of Life (EoL)? We find it!

Goods from Asia need to be checked for authenticity and quality? We do it for you!

You have to reduce capacities and thereby would like to save financial means as well as resources? We will help you!

We stand for it with our name as responsible and highly specialized managers from the middle class. You can leave your concerns to us. Together we will always find a solution.

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