Central Warehouse


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100 MILLION+ components in stock

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Central Warehouse

Find Sources - Connect - Save Energy

Thanks to our large warehouse, we offer access to millions of components, from capacitors, processors and connectors to LEDs. We have built up a range of new and older components that are still needed for everyday applications. We can supply you with components that are no longer produced. We inspect the goods in-house and prepare a test report for you before the components leave our warehouse. In this way, we ensure that even the older components are in proper condition.

Old & new components

Imagine you are looking for a specific component worldwide and cannot find it. Then take the time to take a closer look at our camp, which is located in an idyllic landscape in the heart of Bavaria. From connectors and capacitors to processors, you can choose from several million components.

Smooth logistics

Our perfectly coordinated warehouse and logistics system, to which our own fleet of vehicles is connected, ensures that transportation, storage and procurement are as sustainable as possible. Compliance with the highest quality standards ensures that your belts do not stand still and valuable time is not lost.

Complete documentation

Goods in their original packaging, whose origin is fully traceable, certified, tested and stored according to standard criteria, guarantee you safe and traceable procurement channels. All available components are intensively checked for authenticity at various levels in the incoming goods department. Documentation of the goods and various test procedures are a matter of course for us.

Optimized transport routes

The proximity to Munich Airport in particular enables us to get the goods to the customer quickly. If you feel like it, come and visit us in beautiful Bavaria, take a look at everything at your leisure, ask questions and enjoy our beautiful landscape in the heart of Europe for one, two or three days.


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