Intelligent Sourcing


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Intelligent Sourcing

Find Sources - Connect - Save Energy

Intelligent sourcing is one of our services. This involves optimizing your delivery process according to defined quality standards in order to relieve your procurement process. This requires extensive experience and a trained eye, e.g. to identify high-risk rejects or counterfeits. The results are cost reductions and accelerated processes.

Sustainable optimization

The sustainable and resource-saving optimization of supply chains begins with market transparency. Those who know their customers and buyers, can precisely analyze demand and are well networked globally maximize efficiency within the value chain.

High storage capacity

The benefits include resource savings, financial relief and accelerated processes. In combination with our storage capacities, which are geared towards the needs of both older and current assemblies and are immediately available with several million items, our unique network comes into play, which gives us access to more than 130 billion components worldwide.

Highest quality standards

Whether it's discontinued components or hard-to-find items, we can help you find exactly what you need while maintaining the highest quality standards and transparency. Our constellation of over 30 years of combined expertise in tracking down and optimizing procurement processes is unique.

Added value & added value

The resulting added value not only benefits you, but also our planet. If we succeed together in making production chains more efficient, we will lay the foundations for a production and economic cycle that protects our planet and offers future generations a perspective.


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