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Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct

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Our reputation with customers, suppliers and partners is a cornerstone of our success. For more than 30 years, ComSIT has built a strong reputation in the global electronic components market by operating sustainably and standing behind our products. It is therefore important that we maintain our credibility and continue to conduct our business ethically and legally. Although we are active at different locations and in different countries around the world, we operate under the common ComSIT brand.

Due to our global orientation, our business is subject to a large number of legal regulations and standards. In order to meet the requirements of ourselves, our customers, suppliers and partners and to further expand our success, we must never lose sight of our values and must always conduct our business in accordance with all laws, regulations and standards, including ethical, social and environmental standards

1. cooperation with customers, partners and suppliers
As a service provider for the procurement of electronic and electromechanical components, we are dependent on sourcing our goods from all regions of the world. This brings us into contact with many different cultures and business models. We value sustainable business relationships on an equal footing and select our suppliers and partners not only on the basis of their products and services. Services from. In our procurement policy, we pay attention not only to economic and technical characteristics, but also to social and ecological aspects such as human rights, working conditions and environmental protection. We expect everyone who does business with us to set international social and ethical standards and to comply with and respect the applicable laws.

ComSIT and all employees are bound by all applicable national and international laws. This includes, for example, paying (remitting) customs duties and taxes due, obtaining the necessary official permits and complying with labor and environmental protection laws. As part of its global business activities, the company must observe the restrictions on the free movement of goods.

Various international and national laws, regulations and embargoes restrict or prohibit the trade, export or import of technologies, goods or services as well as capital and payment transactions. Such restrictions and prohibitions may result from the type of goods, the country of origin or destination or the identity of the business partner. The respective laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate are supplemented by internal company guidelines.

ComSIT believes in and lives fair competition. The rules of fair competition apply to all employees of our company in the respective countries in which they work, within the framework of the legal framework. The coordination of offers, prices, terms and conditions, production plans, sales quotas or market shares with competitors is prohibited, regardless of the specific situation. Unofficial meetings, coordination, the exchange or disclosure of commercially sensitive information about competitors, customers or suppliers may also violate applicable antitrust law. Even the appearance of unfair competition must be avoided.

Our data and information systems are among the most important assets that need to be protected from hostile actions and, if necessary, from competitors. ComSIT’s long-term business success depends in particular on handling confidential information and data and keeping it confidential. Confidential information of any kind may not be disclosed to unauthorized persons, even after termination of the employment relationship. To protect such information, this confidentiality agreement is contractually secured with our employees and business partners. In addition, the processing of personal data is subject to strict legal provisions (e.g. GDPR). ComSIT adheres strictly to the applicable data protection laws.

Telecommunications networks, equipment and premises must be kept in a condition that enables our employees and visitors to perform their tasks.

Part of the corporate philosophy is a commitment to social and ethical responsibility. ComSIT respects and protects the personal dignity of every employee.

employees and cultivates a corporate culture of mutual respect and fairness.

ComSIT is committed to the international social and ethical standards that prohibit any form of harassment or discrimination against our employees, e.g. on the basis of nationality, origin, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, etc. No employee may be disadvantaged because of the exercise of their personal rights. These include, in particular, the prohibition of child labor, forced labor, discrimination, bullying and corporal punishment, compliance with occupational health and safety regulations, compliance with statutory working time regulations and fair pay.

Sustainability and environmental protection are a central concern of the ComSIT Group. Preventive measures and the avoidance of environmental pollution are very important to us when carrying out our business processes. The contribution to environmental protection and the conscious use of resources is part of the Code of Conduct for all employees. The primary objectives are the conservation and protection of natural resources, the responsible use of raw materials, the avoidance and reduction of waste, the promotion of recycling and the recovery of pollutants and waste, the expansion of the energy supply through renewable energies and the best possible avoidance of environmentally hazardous incidents. In the long term, we are aiming for certification in accordance with the internationally recognized environmental management standard ISO 14001. to remain certified.

When handling raw materials responsibly, we strive for conflict-free extraction of relevant raw materials. With regard to the safety of our employees, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of occupational health and safety. We are familiar with all internal and external quality and safety guidelines, procedures and laws and comply with them.

Each individual ComSIT employee is responsible for compliance with the Code of Conduct. In cases of doubt, the supervisor, the HR department and/or the management must be consulted.

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Head of Quality Assurance


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