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Consulting & Supply Management

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More than 50 years ago, on November 15, 1971, the American company Intel ushered in the age of the digital revolution with the “Intel 4004”, the first programmable microprocessor, which experienced exponential growth with the advent of the Internet and completely changed the world socially, culturally and, above all, economically within a very short space of time. Processors, semiconductors, chips and other components of electrical engineering form the basis for various important areas of our real economy. Without diodes, transistors, capacitors, sensors or even processors, the so-called CPUs, the world as we know it today could no longer exist.

As pleasing as this technical development is, it poses immense challenges for today’s companies. Electronic components are the “breaking point” that can bring entire industries and even countries to their knees in a globally networked economy. The counter-strategy to prevent the standstill of gigantic and sensitively coordinated production processes, which are systemically relevant in many respects, is based on a mix of different disciplines, which we at ComSIT master optimally as consultants.

Optimal advice

Over 30 years of experience in the fields of logistics, procurement and analysis in the world of electronic components enable us to provide you with the best possible advice. Thanks to our unique and global network in the world's most important markets, we are able to centralize the flow of information for critical components in cooperation with all segments of the supply chain.

Your individual process

As highly specialized consultants, we take over the procurement of your requirements, optimize the supply processes, audit your suppliers, define quality standards and ensure that your production does not come to a standstill. Your company saves costs, your employees are relieved and the value chain is utilized sustainably and to the maximum.

Transparency & trust

Added to this is the good feeling of having saved massive amounts of resources, energy and CO₂ with our established procurement methods. Because what has already been produced and is stored somewhere on our planet does not have to be produced and transported again at great energy expense. Transparency in the supply chain, authenticity, good networking and honest trust are the key to greater sustainability, security and increased efficiency.

Your consultation

Talk to us. We will come to you or show you our options on site. An initial consultation is completely non-binding for you and gives you the opportunity to convince yourself of our capabilities. In the second step, we analyze your entire value chain and create a modular concept to meet your exact needs with our expertise. Cost savings, production reliability, increased efficiency, employee relief, time savings and, of course, sustainability to protect our planet will be your gain.


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