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Consulting & Supply Management

More than 50 years ago, on November 15, 1971, the American company Intel ushered in the era of the digital revolution with the “Intel 4004”, the first ever microprocessor that could be programmed. With the emergence of the Internet, the digital revolution underwent a rapid exponential growth and within a very short period of time completely transformed the world socially, culturally and, above all, economically. Processors, semiconductors, chips, and various other components of electrical engineering provide the groundwork for several key areas of our real-world economy. The world as we all know it today would not be able to exist without diodes, transistors, capacitors, sensors or even processors, the so-called CPUs.

As pleasing as this technical development is, it presents today’s companies with immense challenges. Electronic components form the “breaking point” that may bring entire industries and even countries to their knees in a globally networked economy. The counter-strategy to prevent the shutdown of gigantic and sensitively coordinated production processes, relevant to the system in many ways, is fed by a mixture of various disciplines, all of which we at ComSIT have mastered optimally as consultants.

More than 30 years of experience in logistics, procurement and analysis in the world of electronic components enable us to advise you in the best possible way. Thanks to our unique and global network covering the world’s most important markets, we are able to centralize critical component information flows in collaboration with all parts of the supply chain.

Being highly specialized consultants, we handle the procurement of your requirements, optimize supply processes, audit your suppliers, define quality standards and ensure that your production never stops. In this way, your company can cut costs, relieve your employees and maximize the value chain in a sustainable manner.

On top of that, you get the satisfaction of having made massive savings in resources, energy and CO? by using our established procurement methods. After all, whatever has already been produced and is stored somewhere on our planet no longer needs to be produced and transported a second time with a high energy input. Supplier chain transparency, authenticity, good networking and honest trust are the key to greater sustainability, security and efficiency gains.

Contact us. Either we come to you or we show you our potential on site. An initial consultation is without obligation for you and allows you to experience our capabilities for yourself. In the second step, we then analyze your overall value chain and create a modular concept to meet your exact needs with our know-how. 

Your benefits will be reduced costs, production reliability, increased efficiency, less work for your employees, time savings and, of course, sustainability for the protection of our planet.

Let us inspire you and get in touch with us.