Business ethics

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More than seven billion people populate our planet. They are all independent individuals, have dreams, strive for a life in dignity, are in need of a functioning health care system, and yearn for security and peace.

With all its positive possibilities, the digital revolution has been the work of visionaries. It is helping to create a world as we know it – one that is rich in cultures, religions, languages and traditions – into a digital ocean full of colors that flow into one another. In order to maintain this creativity within humanity and to transform them into a common, peaceful coexistence, we need intensive interaction, mutual respect, appreciation of other cultures and the understanding of each other – together, we call this coexistence listening.

So we have made it our mission to listen closely, especially to those who may have to live with a handicap, yet are outstanding engineers or managers. It is important for us to pay attention to those who need the freedom to flourish, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, and simply make a difference because they are good at what they do. That’s all that counts for us. Diversity in our company is a top priority. It promotes creativity and a diversity of ideas and enables us to draw from a variety of sources in order to be successful. We keep a constant eye on the balance between the environment and value creation, since seven billion people, all of whom have dreams, need a planet they can leave behind undamaged for their children so that they, too, can continue to dream.

We owe this to future generations. Together, hand in hand, we have the potential to achieve this goal!