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Purchase of your old and excess inventories

Minimize your tied-up capital by selling your old and excess inventories to us as a complete package. We will be interested in your entire assemblies. Besides the fact that your company will be relieved financially, the option of reuse or “upcycling” to create a closed economic cycle will play an important role.

Thanks to our worldwide network, our own “in-house quality assurance” and a service-oriented mindset, we can ensure all components are returned to the economic cycle, thus achieving the highest possible utilization of resources. In this way, your partnership with us will be truly green, as you will be helping our customers to preserve something they otherwise might have to produce anew, while saving considerable energy and material capacities that can be freed up elsewhere.

Simultaneously, we handle the entire process – from evaluating the respective items to picking them up. Hand everything over to us and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped to reduce your company’s CO2 emissions with minimal effort. Products that have previously remained in your warehouse over a long period of time will find a new customer who urgently needs them and can utilize them efficiently. A win – win situation for all of us, especially for our planet.