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While looking for a new logo, we sought to create something out of the ordinary for many, especially die-hard engineers and tech nerds. That electronic components are abstract to many people discourages young men and women from pursuing the very technologies that are so crucial to the digital world. None of our journeys to the solar system or even every banal Facebook post would be possible without chips, transistors, LEDs or capacitors.

We therefore came to the conclusion – with the decisive involvement of the female management team, by the way – that somehow the logo had to manage the balancing act between sober technology and emotional perception. After all, as important as chips and the like may be for today’s world, we believe it’s sad that young people in particular don’t relate to them.

It must be clear to all of us that wind turbines, solar systems, future-oriented environmental technologies, autonomous driving and star gazing would not be possible without electronic components. The core of this fascinating world are the so-called “semiconductors”, i.e. chips that are in every single electronic device we use today and that have decisively changed our lives. That’s how we created our “logo” as a likeable, laughing mascot, a fusion of two worlds.

COMSI, as the name suggests, is intended to motivate all those to learn more about electronic components who previously had no interest in electronics. The only way to better protect and preserve our planet is to continue to produce engineers who screw, tinker and develop with a smile on their face to make all of our homes, a vast global village, more livable.

Our COMSI motivates us every day with his smile on his face to do just that.

Thank you COMSI