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1986 was an eventful year. Portugal and Spain, until then under dictatorial rule, joined the European Union. Mikhail Gorbachev advocated the disarmament of all nuclear weapons by the turn of the millennium and at the same time demanded more freedom of speech and expression in his own country – known under the terms “glasnost” and “perestroika”. The space probe Voyager 2 of the United States of America flew by Uranus and took photos of it. The main module of the Soviet space station Mir is launched into Earth orbit. DENIC (Deutsche Network Information Center) registered the domain “.de”, so important for the Internet age, in the IANA database. However, the year was also marked by sad events: The U.S. space shuttle Challenger broke up shortly after takeoff. All crew members lost their lives. In the Ukraine, a nuclear power plant had an accident, triggering a catastrophe that affected the whole of Europe.

In 1986, in a tranquil and peaceful region in the heart of Europe, in the middle of Bavaria, innovative visionaries began building a company with the goal of changing the world. This was done with wise foresight and on the premise that since the beginnings of electrical engineering, which led to the digital revolution, everything in the world has had to do with circuits, capacitors, transistors, processors, and so on. These developments of 1986 are directly or indirectly linked to technological achievements without which machines would not work, communication would not be possible, we would not be able to look into the solar system or, and this is the other side of the coin, we would be able to trigger nuclear catastrophes.

Looking to the future, however, the company’s founders saw in all the upheavals of the time opportunities to use electronic components, the heart of today’s digital world, in a way that would benefit everyone in conjunction with the environment, fair distribution and conservation of our resources. Over the years, a worldwide network was built up, tracking down existing capacities, connecting customers and suppliers, always taking care to balance this with the economic, cultural and social needs of the respective partners.

Years later, with offices in the U.S., Europe and Asia, ComSIT has become a major player in bringing developers, buyers and customers together in a service-oriented environment, allowing all parties to benefit from our personal “Green Deal”. Looking back to 1986, the company’s founders and visionaries have shown foresight: Computer chips and sensors have become indispensable in today’s world. Without a sustainable counterstrategy, massive overexploitation of the environment and conflicts are imminent. To counteract this, ComSIT has set itself the task of optimizing the value chain, leveraging potential, building networks, conserving resources, creating a closed economic cycle, with the aim of keeping the planet in balance and leaving it intact for future generations.

Without attracting much attention, we in the heart of Europe, in beautiful Bavaria, have proven over many years that it works. Now it is time to go one step further and use the great potential that is available to us and to you through our many years of experience.

Accompany us on this journey as a sustainable partner.