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Consignment Program 

Imagine having excess capacity in your warehouse that can be reduced as if by magic, expanding your financial scope while acting sustainably and protecting the environment. Our consignment program offers you all of this.

How does it work?

Well, we can’t work magic either, but we do plan, calculate and act with foresight. You hand over the capacities you don’t need or which are a logistical and financial burden to your inventory. With our platforms and networks, we turn your inventory into financial added value. Our sales and marketing specialists take care of selling out with maximum flexibility. However, should you unexpectedly need more components, our logistics will take care of that as well.

The COMSIT consignment program offers you various services from a single source. Leave the entire handling from collection, inventory, storage according to ISO standards, marketing, customs clearance to sales and logistics to our experienced staff. In addition, we can also offer to remove the inventory from your fixed assets, which will result in additional monetary and tax relief – without having to forego the advantages of a sale under our commission agreement.

If you, as a partner, would like to track the progress of sales of your stocks in our warehouse, we provide you with a versatile tool that allows you to call up the current status at any time.

At the end of the contract term, you will receive a detailed list and statement of all revenues from your consignment goods.

In addition, you get the positive feeling of having saved energy in the production as well as in the supply chain through our cooperation. And your own CO₂ emissions have also been reduced, because whatever we are able to return to the economic cycle thanks to you finds a satisfied customer without any major detours.

A win-win situation for you, for us, for the customer, and above all for the environment, which is polluted less.